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Can Enthusiasm Shape Reality?

Available for speaking engagements on the topic of positive reinforcements. It's also a  motivational positive speech on how the universe responds to our thoughts . And it covers how to cope with placing your daily priority's and how to invest your energy.

Findings from a 2007 study  conducted by neuroscientist Elizabeth Phelps suggest  our positive thoughts of now and the future towards the frontal cortex of the brain  communicating with the subacordagal parts of the brain deep in our sub consciousness that communicates with the universe occurs when you have a consistent flow of positive thinking that constantly fuels the cortex in our brain which helps brings material things into fruition. 

The brain is made up of the same atoms and molecules that are in the rest of the universe. A new study found similarities between the human brain  and the cosmic network of galaxies. When the universe receives your positive thoughts, it put’s into motion the wheels to bring your thoughts into materialization.

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