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 Sherri Evancho

"Dan has performed several Pranic Healing sessions for me over the past few years. He’s worked on everything from injuries to recurring health issues. The first time I went to see Dan was after I injured my knee. Before he started working on my knee, I could barely move it. My knee was swollen and extremely sore. Once he started the session, I felt immediate relief and the throbbing subsided. Every time Dan has worked on me, I feel  physically  better and more in tune spiritually and mentally.” 

        Lynn Mormello 

 " Felt very relaxed. When I stood up there was no pain what so ever in left hip". 



              Stephanie Hall 

               " Awesome !" 

              Lee Kaminsky


 "At first I was skeptical about Pranic Healing but after having Dan McMeans performed Pranic Healing it changed my opionion. I felt much better and felt good about my mind and body. The session gave me more energy as well.  I would recommend this to anybody."  


                Jeffery Segol

"Thank you. I now feel very much in touch with my heart chakra." 

        Diane Wesoski

"My experience was wonderful!

Dan explained everything to me as the session was going on. I feel like a new person!." 

           Nancy Crowder 

"I have suffered from lower back pain off and on over the years.  I have sought the services of a chiropractor but I found that the combination of being treated by Dan McMeans who is a Pranic Healer and a chiropractor were the key to the  alleviating my pain for me.  I would strongly recommend seeking out pranic healing sessions in addition to traditional medical solutions."

        Shirley Lanigam 

" Top part of my body feels      very good and clear ". 

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